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Used Cisco Routers & used Cisco switches details

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Product Part #
Price (CAD)
Cisco 2501 Router cisco2501
Cisco 2503 Router cisco2503
Cisco 2505 Router cisco2505
Cisco 2507 Router cisco2507
Cisco 2509 Router cisco2509
Cisco 2511 Router cisco2511
Cisco 2514 Router cisco2514
Cisco 2522 Router cisco2522
Cisco 2523 Router cisco2523
Cisco 2610 Router cisco2610
Cisco 2611 Router cisco2611
Cisco 2620 Router cisco2620
Cisco 2621 Router cisco2621
Cisco 2651 Router cisco2651
Cisco 2610 XM Router cisco2610xm
Cisco 2611 XM Router cisco2611xm
Cisco 2621 XM Router cisco2621xm
Cisco 2651 XM Router cisco2651xm
Catalyst 1924 switch WS-C1924-XL-EN
Catalyst 2924 switch WS-C2924-XL-EN
Catalyst 2950 switch WS-C2950-24
Catalyst 3550 switch WS-C3550-24-SMI
Catalyst 3560 switch WS-C3560-8PC-S
Catalyst 3560 switch WS-C3560-24TS-S
Catalyst 3750 switch WS-C3750-24TS-S
$ 175.00
Cisco 1720 Router cisco1720
Cisco 1721 Router cisco1721
Cisco 1751 Router cisco1751
Cisco 851 W Wireless Cisco851-W
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Cisco 871 W Wireless Cisco871-W
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Cisco 877 W Wireless Cisco877-W
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Cisco 1811 CISCO1841/K9
$ 95.00
Cisco 1841 CISCO1841
$ 95.00
Cisco 2801 Router Cisco2801
Cisco 2811 Router Cisco2811
Cisco 2821 Router Cisco2821
Cisco 2901 Cisco2901
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Cisco 2911 Cisco2911
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Cisco 2921 Cisco2921
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All used Cisco routers

come with 90 days warranty.

CCIE pod rental

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Our CCIE pod contains

latest Cisco

Routers & Cisco switches

Routersale.com offers 90 days warranty for all New & used Cisco switches.

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